Your domain + my Store = automated make money online
Own a store affiliated with, you will earn up to 15% for every sale generated through your store. They will take care of everything from processing your order, collecting payment, shipping the order, and dealing with any post-sales services.

In addition with Amazon's affiliate program, your store is optimizing with Google Adsense, so you can earn money from Google. You can also put your own affiliate links or banners such as from CJ or LinkShare with my store site management interface. In the coming version, our customers will have a new CJ module, which includes millions of products provided by CJ at no extra charge in their stores.

We continue to develop new features as we actively seek money making methods to be integrated into your store platform.

One example of the stores you can own

A live site,, shows customers can browse latest or best selling movies and as an example of searching for the movie title: Kung Fu Panda, a customer can immediate watch the Kung Fu Panda movie trailer.

By subscribing our service:

  • Turn any domain into a profitable online store
  • You keep all the referral fees you earned through your affiliate partners (We do not put any ads on your store)
  • Change your niche store at any time
  • Constantly analyzing major search engine's algorithm and optimizing SEO for your store in the code behind
  • Full-featured content management so you can add your personal content or anything you want

What you don't need to worry?

  • Finding the right hosting company
  • Learn programming languages
  • Purchase scripts, codes, or software (additional cost for upgrades and stuck with what you have, remember there is NO ONE to call or take care of your website if it went dark...)
  • Find products to sell and manage inventory
  • Investment risks
  • Lure you to buy digital junk or get rich scam
  • Website maintenance and other unforseen problems to worry...

The Wise Man's Way to Riches
Most people want to be rich but were too afraid of stepping to the road to riches

Design for You
After years of experience in developing web stores for my clients, I have pioneered the way of making money online from the perspective of regular internet users who do not have internet marketing and technical skills. There are countless turnkey websites, turnkey scripts, and turnkey web stores out there that ranging from $25 to $500+, most of them have failed because of a positive cash flow was never generated. Many have left in the dark due to two major reasons. One reason is the technical problem where people have difficult time to find a web hosting that is truly genuine or people just have difficulties in upgrading their software in order to keep up with every day's changing internet technology and marketing strategies. Another problem is that they simply cannot afford the high monthly maintenance fee or an expensive start up or upgrading fee, and not to mention there are countless affordable but failed turnkey solutions that never work.
Not Another Online Store
We developed this pioneered web solution which stands out from the rest is that we offer a subscription-based turnkey web store. Subscribers are shielded from any technical complication and on-going improvements dealing with hardware and software of their stores. Our subscribers can subscribe unlimited stores and boost the bandwidth of their cash flow. In addition, if you become our subscribers, we will provide you the latest marketing and SEO strategies to help you marketing your store. We truly want you to generate profit from our pioneered Open My Store turnkey web store solution that you deserved since our success is totally dependent upon your success.
Autopilot Money Making Machine
Have you ever thought about what if anything else other than your monthly bank interest is money you gained for doing nothing? The key to riches is to find a method that generates positive cash flow automatically without putting extra effort in it. It sounds lazy but it is true since how many hours can you really put in to earn money in one month. It's very limited, isn't it? For a price of one-time commitment $125 and $5 monthly [A $65 value], you can own a "money making machine" that is always up-to-date and no maintenance from your part. I think our deal is better than your saving account especially compared to today's low interest. Without exaggerating the profit you will be making, let say your store generates a small profit of $15 a month in the beginning, and in order to have same amount of money generated from your bank, you need to have at least $5,000+ invested in your bank account while you only invest $5 a month in your money-making machine. Save two soft drinks money, invest for the rest of your life and you will see the potential! I understand people may have different degrees of success with our web solution, but getting that positive cash flow and low risk money-making method are the keys to be successful in any business.
Solution to Success
Our web solution is built on the latest Microsoft technologies including Microsoft SQL Server and .NET technology and backed with world class data center and fast and reliable network service. Our team has excellent knowledge of web hosting, software and database programming, and Microsoft certified system engineers. In addition, I personally oversee day-to-day operation and continue to keep ahead of business competitions, and implement new ideas for our web solution. Best of all, you do not need to do a thing after the initial setup, but to collect money.
Lifetime Investment - Sky is your limit!
I urge you to order our web solution and try it for yourself. This is truly a lifetime investment you are going to love. For a small investment of five dollars a month, you have nothing to lose but to gain the courage to step on the road to rich. If you don't agree it's worth at least a lot more than you invested, you can simply not to renew it before the subscription expires. Don't let your fear to be rich hinders your success. Don't miss the opportunity to have not one, but multiple niche online stores, the positive cash flow is wide opened and the sky is your limit in our solution.

So please act now.
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 Subscribe OpenmyStore

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One Store is only $5 a month


"I was skeptical about all the making money schemes out there, but this one [OMS] has caught my eyes since for one, it was their decency about their products and another was that it's completely risk free to give it a try in the trial period. Its low cost of investment completely took my worries away. I have to tell you that I will really regret if I did not try it. While I still have a full time job, but this extra income generated from OMS has made me so happy that I always have spare money to spend. " - Sarah Amber
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After you have one store, add additional store is just $25 per store

- Unlimited Earning Potential
- Always up-to-date
- No Installations
- No technical stuffs
- Built-In Shopping Cart
- Auto generated fresh
- Proprietary Supplement
- Social Bookmarking
- Choose your own Niche
- Full-featured content
- Add Your Own Content
 More Features...

Sample Stores:
  Baby Store
  LED Store
  BD Movie Source
  Best Lab Supply
  Tool Store
  Water Store
  Sun Grocery Store
  David's Gem
  The Game Zone
  Shih Ren's LED Store
  Rhino Shoe Shop
  The Super Store
Tools Store
Water Store
Video Game
Super Store
Lab Supply
Blu-ray/DVD Movies
Cell Phone
Camera and Digitals
LED Lighting
As Seen on TV store

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